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Misseri Animations’ history is rooted in the experience of Francesco Misseri, who was a founder partner and creative of Studio Kappa, a legendary TV commercial production company with which in the 1960s he created some of the most iconic characters of the Italian advertising show Carosello: Susanna Tuttapanna, Olivella and Mariarosa, Dolce cara mammina and many others.


A history that continued when Misseri ventured in the international market with co-productions like Pozzie, a real water animation in collaboration with Japanese broadcaster NHK, two new series of Mio Mao with UK Channel 5, Bert & Ernie's Great Adventures, a claymation translation of the famous muppet duo of Sesame Street, Mofy, three seasons produced with Sony Creative Products, Rai and ZDF Enterprises in an innovative cotton puffs animation technique.

And now with the new project Paper Mask, a unique paper folding animation that is being developed with the Chinese company UYoung.


An adventure that began when 35mm film was still in use and computers could only be seen in Sci-Fi films, and landed in the digital age combining the most advanced technologies with the “human touch” and the handcrafted charm of stopmotion.


Unique, Original

The success of MISSERI ANIMATIONS depends on an outstanding team of creatives, animators, model makers, set designers, postproduction magicians and many other professionals.

The heart of Misseri’s animations is the unique ability to combine a handcrafted stopmotion tradition with the most advanced technologies, with the aim to create characters and worlds capable to entertain children encouraging at the same time their imagination and creativity.

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Bert & Ernie As

Never Seen Before

The claymation translation of two of the most iconic characters of Sesame Street, produced by Misseri Studio after a long-time collaboration with Sesame Workshop.

52 episodes by 5 minutes in which best buddies Bert and Ernie go out of their room to live each time a new adventure in ever-changing settings.


The Magic of Paper Animation

A duckling made of paper just as the world he lives in, who enjoys learning other animals’ sounds and teaching them his own.

A classic preschool show where paper gives life to amazing transformations and characters speak with onomatopoeic sounds that all children can understand.

Non-verbal, 26 episodes by 5 minutes, now available in a revamped 16:9 HD version.


Real Water Animation

A child born from a water drop living in a world made of water as well! In each episode Pozzie turns into new forms, playing with water drops to give life to different items.

A unique animation technique that uses real water, created by Misseri Studio for this series produced with Japanese broadcaster NHK.

Non-verbal, 13 episodes by 1,5 minutes.


Play with Shapes,

Discover New Friends

Two curious kittens explore their garden, discovering mysterious animals and strange items to play with. A classic of Misseri’s claymation first produced in the 1970s and then completed with two new series co-produced with the British broadcaster Channel 5 in 2005 - 2007.

Non-verbal, 78 episodes by 5 minutes.



Abstract Comedy in Claymation

Two blocks of clay with antithetical personalities kick off irresistible gags inspired by daily life’s problems. Characters’ onomatopoeic sounds match their transformations to produce a unique entertaining experience.

26 episodes by 5 minutes for the whole family.


The First Cotton

Animation Ever

A magic world of cotton puffs for the tender little rabbit born in the illustrated books by Japanese artist Aki Kondo.

Along with her friends Kerry the frog, Mogu the mole, the forgetful squirrel brothers Lee and Sioux and Sora, the kitty from town, Mofy lives exciting stories learning to be more confident and overcome her fears.

78 episodes by 5 minutes, co-produced with Sony Creative Products, Rai and ZDF Enterprises.



In Search of a New Future for Paper

While digital age is permeating all aspects of life, the world of paper as we have known it for ages seems to have come to its twilight. A brave cat ventures through the remains of such once-glorious  world to look for a new future for it.

An innovative kind of paper animation to dinamically use paper folds and transformations. Hand-animated, stopframe with no CGI compromise.

Paper as you have never seen before!


The Charm of

Sand Animation

A fascinating world of sand in which a child is able to chase away the monsters of his imagination thanks to his violin’s sound. A sand game with a dreamy atmosphere where children can learn how to defeat their fears through music.

Non-verbal, 13 episodes by 5 minutes.

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Mio and Mao

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